Theft Auto 5

GTA is an action-adventure game published by Rockstar games in 2013 after it was designed by Rockstar North. The game is the 17th entry in the overall GTA series but it is regarded as the 7th main upgrade after GTA 4.

The game is set in the City of San Andreas which is inspired by California. The game commences when three former criminals were forced to do a bank heist by some corrupt government officials and underworld mafias.

The player can either play it in first person or third person perspective and roam freely either on foot or on various modes of transportation including helicopters. Players can switch themselves among the three protagonists while carrying out a mission.

GTA was a highly anticipated game at the time of its launch. It broke all the prior sales records and became an entertainment item that sold very fast earning $800 million the first day and $ 1 billion in the first three days.

The game received positive reviews for its set-up and backstory based on three protagonists namely, Michael De Santa, former bank robber, Franklin Clinton, renowned street gangster, and Trevor Philips who has earned his reputation as a drug lord and supplier of guns.

Theft Auto 5

The open-world gameplay was especially mentioned as refreshing. The game was labelled as fit only for adults as it included graphic violence and undesirable depiction of women. Still, the game has managed to win many accolades. The role-playing concept introduced by the GTA series and its detailed graphics makes this game way ahead of its time.

It has been titled as the most prominent game of the 7th and 8th generation console gaming and is considered the best video game ever made. It was recognised as the most anticipated game for the year 2012 by Spike Video Games. many gaming publications awarded it the best video game ever made.

Over time, the game became the second best-selling video game of all time as it had sold over 150 million copies as of April 2018. The game generated a whopping $ 6 billion revenue worldwide becoming one of the most successful gaming and entertainment product of all time.

GTA is the most relevant game till today also. You can play this game for endless hours without getting bored. Even though 7 years have passed since its launch, the craze for GTA 5 has not dimmed in the heart of video game players. Rockstar games keep updating it with its ever-increasing fan club.

The game was made free in 2020 for some time and again it was revealed that GTA 5 is one of the most favoured games as many players rushed to play the game when it was made free for some time. Rockstar Games has made a huge fan base through the GTA series.