Far Cry

Far Cry is an FPS or first-person shooter game launched in 2004. It was designed by Crytek and launched under Ubisoft. The game has given six instalments so far after launching its second season in 2008. The game is about a tropical archipelago where Jack Craver has landed to complete his mission.

Craver was a member of an exclusive American special forces operatives. He has come on the island to rescue a journalist after she went missing. Her boat was sabotaged by mercenaries. As his mission commences further, he finds weird experiments being done on animals there.

He aims to stop the scientist in charge of these experiments. The game has a first-person view and is set in a tropical jungle. A player can change arms and ammunition for greater strength and use camouflage to outsmart their enemies and take them down.

The game was initially released for Microsoft Windows as a PC game in March 2004. It became available for the console after a decade. Now players can enjoy the game on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The tropical rainforest provides a good opportunity for players to make the gameplay more interesting. It is easier to cover and hide in the forest. Other players tactics and strategies change dynamically as the player changes his plans.

For instance, if an enemy comes across a player, he calls for reinforcements by shooting a red flare gun calling his fellow mercenaries for help. The mercenaries work in a group to outmanoeuvre, outsmart, and suppressing the player’s fire with covering fire. It provides them with an added tactical advantage over the player.

The players have vantage over enemies with their minimaps and special binoculars. The players can also listen and find out about the enemy’s actions. This is done by directing the binoculars in their direction. They can be upgraded to thermo binoculars that can locate the enemies by reading their heat signatures, even the foliage cannot protect them.

The environment is made of land, forest, river, indoor and outdoor buildings that can be accessed both day and night time. players can jump, lie down, run and crouch and have a 360 view. players can amp up by upgrading their weapons to automatic ammunition and grenades.

background score

The background score and voices of enemies play an important role in highlighting the intensity of the game. The chatter in the enemy’s camp and their approaching footsteps can give away their location.

The map is designed in a way to let the players complete their mission in seven different ways. When they are in an outdoor environment, the game highlights all possible routes that can be taken. The players can choose to avoid any confrontation with the enemy by taking a route to circumvent them altogether. The game has received critical acclaim for its unique gameplay and its 6th season is as loved by players as its previous versions.