Video Games Inc. has now launched its brand-new video game. The company is quite positive about the video gaming business now when the company has launched its first video game. Andy Jessy is the CEO of Amazon Inc. According to him, the video gaming industry could surpass the traditional entertainment industry to become the largest engaging entertainment industry.

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The company has emerged like a phoenix after facing some downturns in the past decade in gaming. The company has also acquired MGM, the renowned production house for movies, as a symbol that the hope in traditional entertainment is not lost yet. The deal was sealed at a whopping $ 8.5 billion.

Amazon released its latest video game New World recently. In this game, people deft at archery and at wielding axes have established their control at a fictionalized land. The game is attracting over a million active players every day and the initial reception was great.

Metacritic, the aggregator website which provides ratings for movies and video games, rated the game at 81%. The first four reviews posted online were positive. The gamers and fans from the gaming realm were streaming the game videos on Amazon’s streaming platform Twitch.

Amazon’s gaming division was established as early as 2012 and many times was on the verge of closing down. All the video game entertainment pundits had declared the gaming division of the company as a complete failure while saying that Amazon can never become successful in this genre.

Some even tried to find out the problem behind Amazon’s inability to publish a decent video game while the company was performing exceptionally well even in uncharted territories. The new CEO was having a positive attitude towards this new game. According to GeekWire, it takes a few misses to land on the correct pigeon hole.

It is said that one success can put everything behind. New World had 662,000 players playing it at the same time on Steam just one week after its release. This achievement made a record by making it the top game based on player count.

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Some of the people had, however, posted that they were facing issues with repairing their items in the game. The company was prompt to reply. To repair an item in the game, the player will need to go to the menu section. The drop-down menu will reflect Repair which should be selected. You may also repair an item directly.

The R key on the PC must be held while clicking on an item. The gear is repaired by repairing the individual parts. The new parts for repairing can be collected by giving away unwanted items. A small fee is charged when gear or item is repaired. The amount of fee charged depends on the damage and rarity of the item.