Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption is filled with actions and adventure. The game has been published by Grand Theft Auto fame Rockstar Games. It is developed by Rockstar Diego. It is the second instalment of the red dead series followed by Red Dead Revolver.

Red Dead Redemption

The gameplay is based on a third-person point of view. Like the signature style in GTA, the players can also explore the gaming grounds of this game and roam freely. The maps are inspired by the creative versions of western parts of the USA and Northern Mexico.

Players can either walk or ride on horseback. The gameplay takes us to the good old west cowboy tradition where the fights primarily consisted of guns and gunslingers. To make things more interesting, the gameplay mechanic is being played in a Dead Eye mode. It allows players to accurately mark shooting targets on their enemies in slow motion.

The moral character judged by a player’s action in the game is unique. A player can be adjudged as a hero or a villain based on his actions that as a result influence his fame and honour in the game. It also depends on how other players behave. Around 16 players can play the game in multiplayer mode. They can either plat it as a team or against each other as per their liking.

The game is set in 1911 where the family of a former enemy of law, John Marston is wrongfully detained by agents working for the Bureau of Investigation, i.e., Edgar Ross and Archer Fordham. Like any classic Hollywood movie, the duo asks Marston to do the last job of hunting his former gang members in exchange for his family.

John’s first target is Bill Williamson. He is now the leader of a separate gang that is wreaking havoc in New Austin. He reaches Fort Mercer where no one can touch Williamson. Marston fails terribly in influencing him to surrender to the police. John is murdered and left to die. However, his life is saved by Bonnie MacFarlane who runs a ranch nearby. Marston helps her in improving her farm while concocting a plan to attack Williamson.

John makes friends attack Williamson along the way. US Marshal Leigh Johnson, Nigel West Dickens, a local con artist and Seth Briars, a treasure hunter and Irish, an arms and weapons smuggler are enlisted in his group to carry out the attack.

He attacks Williamson at Fort Mercer and become successful, but Williamson manages to flee to Mexico to take refuge under another gang member of his former gang in Mexico, i.e., Javier Escuella.

John arrives in Mexico and finds himself involved in a turf war between the existing ruler, Allende and rebel leader, Reyes. Allende betrays John and he is rescued by Reyes who helps in tracking Javier in a raid. John hands him to agents of BI and executes Allende and Williamson. He returns to the USA for reuniting with his family.