Anthill contains a number of colorful but mostly evil enemy bugs. After a while, you’ll think most of them look better dead.

Minibeetles are small and not very powerful. They’ve got the numbers, though.

Enemy ants are similar to our heroes, but from other colonies. They are pretty to look at, but they are aggressive and most of them haven’t even finished high school. They have no real friends, and gladly attack any insects they see – except ants from other colonies than yours.

Shooterbugs are small, unassuming, and very lethal. Similar to spitter ants, they fire from a distance and like to burrow. Once they’re entrenched, they’re very hard to kill.

Ladybugs are cute, but it’s high time to stop liking them – they are very selfish and go straight for your food. If you don’t stop them, they’ll eat all the food in any area.

Fur bugs lurk around your food assets. They explode when dying, but it’s more of a flat splat. And they’re really useless – they leave nothing behind but a mess! Use your bombers to take them out – the air force soars high.