Nintendo Switch

Recently launched, Nintendo Switch is an example of high-end engineering. It has revamped how the hand-held gaming technology worked. The console tech was reengineered in the form of Switch Lite. Consumers could experience high-speed gaming at affordable costs.

This has been taken a few notches up by the introduction of the Nintendo Switch OLED. While it raised the price a little as compared with the earlier version, but it was worth it as it offers one of its kind visual portable experiences.

 Nintendo Switch

The name suggests the refurbishing of the Switch to Switch OLED. The new version has a seven-inch OLED display with a smooth tapering edge. The look is shiny and classy, but the real feature is how it changes the picture clarity of the game for clearer gameplay.

The pixel and saturation of the OLED are very commendable. The display reflects everything in great detail and even the minutest movement is clearly discernible.

Here are some games that perform exceptionally well on Switch OLED: –

  • Mario Kart 8
  • Super Mario Odyssey
  • Bayonetta 2
  • PAC-MAN 99

In each case, the pixel did not blur, the graphics are perfect, detailed, and clear in colours. The neon coloured graphics of PAC MAN 99 and rainbow coloured road in Mario’s colours were exclusively vibrant and lively.

The screen does not show any ghost appearance when looked at from various angles. One of the players claimed that he put the Switch OLED on his desk and sat 2 feet apart from the screen comfortably on his chair. He could make everything out.

He tried that in hand-held mode with a light source in the background. He also tried to watch how its display performed in sunlight. The results were commendable. The device performed well in terms of display in all possible scenarios arranged to test its efficiency.

The Switch OLED has a strong hinge that can hold the screen while the player and spectators enjoy the game from different angles. The hinge is adjustable while the earlier Switch came with a little leg that could only hold the Switch at a single angle. We can see that this upgrade was designed keeping in mind the comfort of players to enhance their gaming experience.

Switch OLED

The new model boasts a louder and clearer sound system. This feature will attract those people who are interested in a device having a top quality audio system to make their gaming experience as realistic as it can be.

The device has 64 GB internal storage which is double the storage space earlier versions like Switch and Switch Lite offered, i.e., 32 GB. The storage space can be expanded by inserting a MicroSD card if need be. The additional USB port has been replaced by an Ethernet dock for joining the patch cord to directly access the internet.