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Anthill » Why root for the ants?

Why root for the ants?

Ants are great for a number of reasons.

  • All living creatures eventually die. In a way it’s sad, but that’s life (and/or death). The world would be full of dead stuff if no one took care of it. Ants make sure that the stuff doesn’t just lie around but gets reused. OK, they get help from other microorganisms and insects, but I’m sure ants were the ones to organize the whole thing in the first place.
  • Imagine a world where all the creatures that have ever lived were still lying around. There would be mountains of it everywhere. Would be kinda hard to go for a walk without sturdy boots and climbing gear, wouldn’t it? Not to mention getting around otherwise:
    “We’re sorry, but the highway is clogged with dead animals, insects and people. Again.”

    “Ladies and gentlemen, takeoff will be slightly delayed. There’s a heap of dead dinosaurs on the runway.”
  • Ants are great at organizing things. Their society is sort of totalitarian and there isn’t much room for individual dreams, but as a team they’re phenomenal. Keith Richards once noted about himself and Ron Wood: “We are both lousy guitar players. But together we are better then ten others.”
    It’s the same with ants, they’re also lousy guitar players. But when they pull together, they accomplish a lot of important stuff – more important even than the Rolling Stones.
  • There are more than 10,000,000,000,000,000 (10 million billion) ants currently alive today. None of them get paid for what they do. They work all the time. And still, have you ever heard a single one of them complain?
  • All now living ants outweigh all living humans. So if there was a fair fight (without pesticides etc), we’d probably lose. And if we won it’d be worse – who’d clear the battlefield?

So you see why we had to make Anthill – they deserve to survive, and you must help them do so.