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Anthill » The Good Guys

The Good Guys

Anthill revolves around one thing, and one thing only – your precious colony. While Queen Lovebaby is no wuss by any standards, she is mostly busy breeding new hill citizens. It’s up to her minions to keep the colony alive.

Worker ants

These little critters don’t mind getting their hands dirty. Always ready to serve the collective. A typical workday consists of collecting food, either by gathering aphids or by scavenging dead insects. After work they can be seen partying and drinking wild turkeys at neighborhood bars. They’re relatively cheap to breed but won’t defend the anthill. By default afraid of anything that moves nearby.

Soldier ants

The soldiers are your frontline defense force, guarding the anthill and worker ants against attackers. Likes marching up and down the square, puffing on cuban cigars and to bark out orders in manly, booming voices. And yes, they CAN handle the truth.

Spitter ants

Spitters are your artillery, and the strange cousins of the colony. They patrol their own pheromone trails, but can also occupy foxholes which make them very hard to kill. The toxic grog they brew in the anthill basement is based on a well-kept family recipe, and the chemical compounds require them to wear masks at all times – their breath is simply horrible. They like to party too.

Bomber ants

Anthill’s royal air force can attack any ground target. Expensive but powerful, and susceptible only to enemy artillery. Their MO is bold and clear: swoop on out, drop the payload, then return to base for bragging and tropical cocktails. Cocktails with those little umbrellas.