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Anthill » Gameplay


Playing Anthill is actually very simple – defend the ant hill or die trying!

At your disposal you have four types of ants: workers, soldiers, spitters and drones. Draw pheromone trails from the ant hill and decide which ants will follow the trail. Drones are an exception: they will bomb any area you tap. Read more about your good guys.

When you’ve killed an enemy insect, you send out worker ants to drag the carcass back to the hill for Queen Lovebaby to feast on. Gathering food ensures that you can spawn new ants.

You spawn new ants by increasing their numbers. Ants are spread evenly along the trails you have drawn. To delete a trail, click and hold the trail until an X appears, then click the X to delete the trail. The ants that patrol the trail will return to the hill and start patrolling your other trails.

As in nature, there are myriads of different insects. Each enemy has its own characteristics and require special tactics. Read more about the bad guys.