Submitting the game

We actually had our biggest hopes pinned on another game, a quite simple casual title – which we’ll develop when we get the time, get your expections up already!

We were also discussing several other possible titles with a major Swedish publisher at the time. Therefore AntHill didn’t get any special attention until September 2010.

Then we decided to submit one of our titles to the Nordic Game Program, and debated which one to send. AntHill came out on top, partly because it was intriguing enough – but mainly because we figured that the development cost would be high and we would need the support.

We spent some time on the grant application, but our art director Tobias was busy doing other things, so the illustrations were drawn by Monika, our intern at the time.

It’s interesting to see that we hadn’t even decided on the orientation – this sketch is in portrait mode!

It is also interesting to see that we hoped to get funding for this. Although we had a few ideas, we really hadn’t thought it through.

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