Survival prototype (trailer)

We’ve finished the first prototype of Anthill.

The game only contains a survival mode, no levels or missions. Simply a matter of staying alive, fighting off single-minded enemies for as long as the ant hill can take it.

In the end, the onslaught from too many mean superbeetles will do you in. Only three ant types are available, and there’s very little else, no menus, no credits, no leaderboards, nothing. The user interface is pretty good, but has to get better, more minimal.

But the gameplay is GREAT. Perfect for wasting whole evenings and nights. We may release this as a standalone game later, like a teaser. Might almost be too good, however.

The gameplay trailer came out pretty good. Slightly jerky video, but we needed something to show. No cinematics, no presentation of characters etc – just gameplay:


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